Booking terms and conditions

Ecau Lodge SRL

Rue de Mons n°7, 7190 Ecaussinnes d’Enghien

Registration number : 0878083986


General terms and conditions of sale  - Ecau Lodge

1.    Price

The price of the stay is indicated in euros, including VAT.

The tax is €2 per person per night. 

 At the time of booking, the full price of the reservation must be paid. Any booking that has not been paid within 7 days will be automatically cancelled, without prior notice and without prejudice to the right of Ecau Lodge.

Are included in the price of your stay:

·       Bed linen

·       Towels

·       Water, electricity, gas and pellet consumption (ecological use)

2. Payment and reservation

The following payment methods are accepted:

-      Online booking: Bancontact, Mastercard, Visa, Carte bleue

-      On site payment: QR code, Payconiq or cash

3. Change or cancellation

In case of changes or cancellation of your booking, you will be asked to submit a written request, preferably by e-mail. Your booking code must be mentioned in the subject of your e-mail.

·       Cancellation by yourself before your stay:

For each cancellation, the following provisions will apply:

-      In case of cancellation more than 4 weeks before the date of arrival, the full amount paid will be refunded excluding the €25 administration fee.

-      In case of cancellation in the period of 4 weeks to 2 weeks before the stay, 50% of the booking price will be charged.

-      In case of cancellation within 14 days before arrival, break or non-completion of the stay, the full price for the booked stay will be owed to to Ecau Lodge. 

·       Cancellation of the booking by Ecau Lodge, before your arrival:

The management reserves the right to cancel your stay for safety reasons in case of a pandemic or a weather warning, such as storms, thunderstorms, or persistent frost. In such case, the stay will be postponed to a later date or the full amount will be refunded.

4.  Withdrawal

The legal provisions relating to the right of withdrawal in the event of distance selling as provided for in the Code of Economic Law are not applicable to tourist services. Thus, for any reservation of a stay at Ecau Lodge, the guest has no right of withdrawal (art. VI.53, 12° Code of Economic Law).

5. Your stay

  • Check-in between 4pm and 8pm
  • Check-out between 8am and 10.30 am


When making your reservation, we kindly ask you to inform us of your arrival time. If there are any changes, please inform us by phone or e-mail. 

If the check-out takes place later than 10:30, we reserve the right to charge you an extra fee proportional to your delay.  

It is strictly forbidden to camp on the domain or to make a fire (except for the fireplace). We also ask you to respect the roads. Cars are not allowed on the premises, you must park your car in the parking lot at the entrance.

We ask you to strictly follow all safety instructions during your stay, as described in the Welcome Booklet, and to make a good use of your lodge. If this is not respected, we reserve the right to keep your deposit.

Guests choose to stay at Ecau Lodge with an eye on conviviality and slowliving. For this reason, noise pollution after 22:00 is not acceptable. In case of complaints from other guests, we are therefore forced to take measures.

6. Number of people

The number of guests must not, under any circumstances, exceed the capacity of the reservation.

If this is the case, Ecau Lodge reserves the right to cancel the reservation (without refund), to terminate the stay (without refund) and/or to modify the rental price.

7. Safety measures

Care must be taken as the accommodation is on stilts and there is an ornamental water feature in the parc. No swimming allowed.

In the case of the use of the fireplace and / or barbecue, a person in charge must be appointed to have control over the fire / embers. This person must also extinguish the fire before going to sleep or before leaving the site.

Permission to light a fire will depend on the weather conditions (dryness, wind, …). We reserve the right to prohibit fires.

Parents are responsible for the supervision of their children. Be aware of potential hazards: a pellet stove in the lodges and a pond on the site. We decline all responsibility.

In order to respect the peace and quiet of the neighbours and / or other occupants of the lodges, the police regulations will apply.

8. Animals

Dogs and pets are allowed in some of our lodges and on the domain. A single pet is allowed per lodge and we charge a supplement of €14/night for this. Dogs must have received the required vaccinations, and if dogs leave the lodge, they must be kept on a leash. If your pet causes a nuisance, we retain the right to ask you to take it to a local animal shelter. Pets are not allowed in the chairs and beds. Any excrement from your pet on the estate must be collected by you.

9. Valuable objects

We do not recommend leaving valuable items in the accommodations. Management cannot be held responsible for thefts that are committed there.

10. Complaints

Complaints during the stay must be reported to the reception desk as soon as possible so that a solution can be found. If a complaint cannot be resolved satisfactorily or if the guest is unable to make a complaint on the spot, he/she must, at the latest 7 days after the end of the stay, communicate his/her complaint by e-mail to

11. Consumption of alcohol and smoking

It is strictly forbidden to be in a state of drunkenness in the lodges or on site.

Smoking in the lodges is forbidden. All our lodges have a terrace where you can smoke, in condition that you do not leave any cigarette stubs in the nature. It is forbidden to smoke when a code red or orange has been issued by the fire brigade.

12. Disputes

In case of disputes, only the courts in Mons are considered competent.

13. Liability

We do not accept any responsibility for:

-      Theft, loss or damage, of whatever nature, during or as a result of a stay in a lodge.

-      Disabling or decommissioning of technical equipment and the failure or closure of facilities on the domain.

-      The tenant and the person accompanying him or her are jointly and severally liable for all loss and / or damage that will arise for Ecau Lodge and / or any third party as a direct or indirect consequence of their stay, regardless of whether this was caused by actions or negligence of themselves or of third parties who are on the property, and of all damage caused by any animal and / or property they have in their possession.

-      Additional (cleaning) costs may be charged if the lodge is used incorrectly or left incorrectly.

14. Deposit

Ecau Lodge reserves the right to request a deposit amount of €150 in cash, or by Payconiq (QR code). If no damage or thief is determined, the deposit will be refunded. Taken towels will be charged at €15/piece.